Monday, May 26, 2008


“43-Year-Old Dallas Man Uncovers A Step By StepSystem For Living Fit And Healthy At Any AgeThat Is Literally Reshaping Bodies World-wide!”

The Secret To Really Having A “Body For Life”...

May 26, 2008 (FPRC) -- Fit advocate and former fitness industry insider Jon Benson takes on weight loss products, bogus diets, infomercials hawking cheap home exercise equipment, scary diet drugs, shoddy fitness club practices, and many more prevalent health scams in his new Fit-Over-40-Club: Middle-age and Senior Health, Fitness, and Hormone Restoration!–Squeeze. Enrich Your Life and Improve Your Health without Getting Ripped Off in the Process. It is packed full of insights, recommendations and resources to get you back on the path to a healthy and fit lifestyle — permanently.

"This Former Obese 'Old Guy' Ethically Bribed* 52 Real-World Ageless Living Role Models and Talked Them Into Revealing All Their 'Forever Young' Lifestyle Secrets To Him...And Now He's Sharing These Discoveries With Anyone Over 30!"
* By promising to share their stories with the world!

Now You Can Take his Role Modeling Shortcut And Slash 15-20 Years Off Your Looks Without Surgery, Boost Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle And Lose All The Weight You Want As Fast As ItCan Come Off, And Restore Your Confidence — All Guaranteed!

Fit Over 40 advocate Jon Benson Exposes you to the little secrets of the weight loss, diet, supplement, fitness, health care to mold your body to:

• Show you how to lose weight—safely and permanently—without the use of drugs or fad diets
• Reveal step-by-step how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle
• Save you thousands of dollars on products that don’t work
• Provide hundreds of valuable resources on your path to better living

Endorsed by renowned physicians, fitness experts, investigative journalists, best-selling authors and celebrities including model Cindy Crawford who said, “Valuable information essential for anyone interested in improving their health.”

The Ralph Nader of the health and fitness industry, Jon Benson doesn’t shrink from naming names. Taking on TrimSpa, Bally Total Fitness, Curves and others, Jon Benson recommends the best diet and nutrition plans, home equipment, fitness clubs, guides, and resources as well as details on his own effective regimen for optimal health. Sharing inspirational stories drawn from the lives of his own family members, Jon Benson offers an invaluable tool for anyone who’s ready to take responsibility for improving their health.

About Jon Benson: Jon Benson is uniquely qualified to speak on issues of health and fitness. Starting as a nationally certified personal trainer and rising to the top of his profession, Jon led several high profile fitness organizations as president and as executive vice president of sales and marketing for the world's largest fitness organization. With over a quarter century of experience, he has operated more than 450 health and fitness clubs in 11 countries and has visited over 30 countries while studying health and fitness trends worldwide. He has researched and purchased millions of dollars worth of fitness equipment, dietary supplements and other health and fitness related products. Jon has created numerous professional training programs, based on his simple formula for success, that have positively affected hundreds of thousands of people.

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Press Release: The Secret To Really Having A “Body For Life”...

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