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A Strong Look at the Fit Over 40 Club Program

In this article I will provide a review of the Fit Over 40 Club eBook that can be found on the internet today. The Fit Over 40 club review looks at this very interesting book which has been written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto. But just what is so interesting in particular about this book.

Well for starters it does not tell the reader to do this, do that, eat this or do not eat that. But instead it provides a person with motivation and shows them much better ways of achieving their goals and this is all done through example in the book.

What is particularly good about this book is that during part one it describes all the struggles that Jon Benson went through in order to succeed and transform his body and health to the person you will see today. So the benefit you gain from this book is actually looking at the co-writer who will have gone through the same trials and tribulations that you are facing when you commence looking for a way to make both your body and you much healthier.

Also this eBook is particularly good as it draws on the trials and tribulations of others not just aged 40 but goes up to and includes information on people who are well into their Seventies. It provides you with an insight as to how these 52 people dealt with health issues once they had gone passed the age of 40 and to which many people will find easy to relate to. The reader of this eBook will be looking to attain the same levels of fitness as those that are shown within it rather than trying to reach the unobtainable goals of many pro-athletes in order for them to get in great shape.

Also this eBook provides the reader with the stages of helping to slow the anti aging process that occurs to all of us as we grow older. In this part Tom Venuto specifically looks at weight and strength training, aerobic training, learning to be flexible, lifelong nutrition and recovery and renewal. But he also explains why a big part in order for anyone to get fit and maintaining this fitness and so improving their lifelong health is all to do with a person's mental attitude.

At this point we must reiterate that if you are looking for a guide that will show you what exercises to do and provide you with a tailored workout plan then this is not the book for you. If however you are looking for a great read and reference book to help improve your health and fitness and to motivate you to get fit then this book is well worth considering. If this doesn't motivate you nothing will.

Whether you are over 40 or even in your 20's and need motivation and role models to get you to take action then I would consider looking at Fit Over 40. Hopefully the Fit Over 40 review provided above will provide you with a way for you to achieve your goals.

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How can you be Fit over 40?

Last week I turned 40 and as part of the process of reaching another one of those ages with a 0 on the end I decided to take a look at what I should do differently with my health and exercise.

Yes, I know, age is just a number and it is more important to treat your body well, but there are health and fitness issues that will make a difference in exercise, for example we produce less testosterone naturally as we get older so it is more difficult to gain muscle.

As I was looking for information I ran across an eBook called Fit over 40. Fit over 40 is a very interesting eBook written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto. The reason that this book is interesting is that it is not just a do this, do that, eat this, don’t eat that, type of book. Instead this book is big on motivation and shows you a better way to reach your goals. The way the book uses is through example.

Here are the three sections of Fit over 40
Fit over 40 Part one
Jon Benson describes his struggles and successes and how he was able to transform his body and health. And further Jon lays outs some great principles

BodyWorks: Strength & Strategy
Inner Fuel: The Taste of Health
I Can See The Valley: New Hills, New Horizons
Begin and Believe
Post-40 Training Tips

Fit over 40 Part two
This is the exciting meat of this book. Now that we have a basis for looking at how it looks and feels to be fit Jon Benson takes us through biographies of 52 people over 40 that have a great health and how they got that way, some were very sick and some were healthy but the important thing is all of these people are people that we can really relate to in one way or another. This way we do not have to look at pro athletes as an unreachable standard of how to get in great shape.

Fit over 40 Part three
This is where Tom Venuto of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle fame kicks in. Tom Goes through the five pillars of Anti Aging:

Pillar 1: Weight & Strength Training
Pillar 2: Aerobic Training
Pillar 3: Learning To Be Flexible
Pillar 4: Lifelong Nutrition
Pillar 5: Recovery and Renewal
After going through this and helping us realize what a big part the mental game is in getting fit we now have a well rounded process for getting, keeping, and improving lifelong health.

Conclusion of Fit over 40 Review
Fit over 40, I believe is a great read and reference book for almost anyone over 40 years old. In comparing Fit over 40 to Burn the Fat Feed the muscle, I find that this book is less in the actual workout regimen but is much better in role models. It is always easy in popular culture to find the freaks, the people over 90 that do triathlons, or the young kid that swims the English Channel. But what about the rest of us? How about the people to old to be pro athletes (although the book has a couple) but still young enough to be incredibly fit and healthy?

Any day that you are having motivation problems you can come back to this book on your computer and read about someone that is just like you and has overcome what you are struggling with.

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Strength Training for Over-40s

If you are over 40 years of age and you would like to transform yourself from fat to fit, unhealthy to healthy, out of shape to in shape, then this message is for you. If you are under 40 and you want to STAY fit, healthy and in shape after you turn 40, then keep your eyes glued to this page because this message is for you as well. Lose fat, drop weight, gain muscle, and live healthy at 40 years and beyond!

I am excited to share with you the latest book from Tom Venuto, author of the #1 best-selling e-Book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle in collaboration with Jon Benson. Their page claimed that they would introduce a groundbreaking new e-book that will inspire thousands, and possibly millions of people to achieve physical greatness at any age- 40, 50, 60, 70, even 80 and beyond!

What Happened When I Downloaded Fit Over 40
I eagerly downloaded my copy today and loaded it into my e-Book reader. When I began flipping through the pages, I knew it would be a winner. I called my wife, Doreen, over to the screen. "Look at THIS!" I exclaimed as we began flipping through the pages. We must have sounded like we were at a magic show or carnival, because every few seconds you would hear "Oooh" and "Ahhh" and "Oh my gosh!"

You see, as we flipped through page after page of inspirational material, we couldn't believe our eyes. Here were incredible physiques on people not just over 40, but 50, 60, and even over 70 years of age! It was jaw-dropping and inspirational. These people weren't born with an incredible physique - they earned it. Some suffered from multiple sclerosis, one was confined to a wheelchair, others had come to the brink of death ... and then came back to triumph.

Slowly Dying?
I was amazed by Jon's physique when I first came into contact with him (and I still am). Many years ago when Jon was out of shape and slowly dying, he took a principle he learned from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins - seeking out role models- and he applied it to his own life. The results were remarkable!

Jon said, "I can honestly say that my role models were the KEY to my success and continue to be so. Reading the stories of men like Dave Draper, Clarence Bass, Richard Winett, Frank Zane and many others, helped me completely turn my life around."

Using Role Models

Instead of one man's ideas on training, nutrition and motivation, this new e-book spotlights 50 success stories — told in their own words — from men and women of various ages and lifestyles, ranging from housewives to Mr. Universe title winners -from 40 to 80 years young.

Jon has written the first chapter of the book, which details his own personal struggle with his weight and his health. He tells the story of the devastating consequences of an inactive and undisciplined life, and how he ultimately transformed himself and maintains the incredible condition he currently displays at 40 years of age.

How To: Nutrition, Aerobics, and Weight Training

Tom Venuto concludes the book with a chapter of "how to" information about nutrition, aerobics, weight training, supplements, losing fat, gaining muscle, and of course the psychology and mindset of physical excellence after age 40.

Training the Mind
While the focus of the book is on the physical accomplishments, the book took on new life when "The Excellence Mindset" was introduced. Talk about inspiration! To read how someone trains and diets is all good and well, but how they "think" and what "motivates" them is the real source of their achievements!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Review of Tom Venuto & Jon Benson's Fit-Over-40-Club

Those of you familiar with Tom Venuto's superb Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle (reviewed here) will probably not be surprised to find that his latest offering (in which he teams up with success coach Jon Benson), is another superb publication. I had spent less than 20 minutes with Fit Over 40 when it dawned on me...

Fit Over 40 is unlike anything that has ever been published before in the health, fitness and personal development fields. It's an inspirational and compelling work, one that both enlightens, and educates. Better yet, it forces you to reach deep inside yourself for answers and solutions. And, despite the title, it offers immense value to anyone, of any age.

Fit Over 40 does much more than chronicle the efforts of 50 inspirational individuals, many of whom struggled against overwhelming odds to succeed in attaining health and success. If that's the case, what is Fit Over 40 really all about?

Fit Over 40 empowers you to attain your weight loss and personal health goals by providing all the tools you need to do it. These tools include a series of role models for inspiration, specific diet and exercise information, and tools to manipulate the power of your subconscious mind into "stacking the deck" in your favor.

If I had to boil the essence of Fit Over 40 down to two words, they would be...

Attaining goals. For those of you who prefer specifics, here's a little more detail...

The book is divided into three sections...

Section #1: Jon's Journey: You'll experience co-author Jon's spiral into obesity and the associated health-related issues (i.e., elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, etc.) that accompany it. You'll travel with him on the road to recovery, and while doing so, you'll learn several vital lessons.

In chapter 2 of this section "Mind Matters, Principles of Inner Transformation", you learn about the principle of the core -- the combination of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual make-up that makes you what you are. You'll learn how to align your core with clear and defined goals to attain success. You'll learn that "words create worlds", and how to avoid negativity that filters to the subconscious and inhibits your ability to succeed.

Although I felt this was the most powerful aspect of this section, you'll also receive valuable information on training, eating and exercise. There's a fantastic section on the power of role-modelling as well. It's all good!

Section #2, Role models: This section introduces each of the 50 inspirational role-models I talked about earlier. And I'm not talking mere "before and after" photos either. Each individual outlines his or her core philosophy, before detailing training and eating programs. What's interesting here is that you'll find almost as many different strategies and approaches as they are people.

You'll find role models in 4 different age groups...

i) 40-49

ii) 50-59

iii) 60-69

iv) 70 + (yes, there's actually a story of a 77-year-old grandmother who trains and competes in bodybuilding with her 48-year-old daughter!).

Reading these stories really does open your eyes. There's so many different people here from all walks of life, some of whom who have battled (and in some cases continue to battle) against overwhelming odds, that in retrospect it was easy to see how your own personal issues aren't nearly as insurmountable as once perceived.

Section #3: Tom's Training and Mental Strategies: As Tom says, "it all starts with the mind." You have to believe in yourself to succeed. And the great news, as Tom points out, is that there are plenty of studies that indicate you can be fit at any age, and it's never too late to start.

Sticking with the mental strategies, you'll learn that a belief is a form of subconscious programming that governs your behavior. You'll learn that the first step in the process of change is to make note of your beliefs, and work to change any that may limit your potential.

Better yet, you'll learn that age need not be equated with frailty -- it is not age, but inactivity, that causes many of the ravages associated with age. As Tom says... "you can't define old with a specific number because there can be such a huge difference between chronological and biological age. "

The reminder of this section covers the 5 Pillars of Anti-Aging (weight training, aerobic activity, flexibility, nutrition, recovery and renewal) with a chapter dedicated to each.

Tom's wrap-up, "Final Thoughts: The Excellence Mindset" focuses once again on the mind-body connection, and concludes with "mental patterns of the fit and ageless". These are a series of positive affirmations common to the "fit and ageless." An example? Sure...

"I am a lifelong learner and I stay active mentally."

These prove to be a fantastic wrap-up to this book.

In conclusion, I'd have to say this publication is certainly one of the best and most complete I have ever read. It definitely rivals Tom's own publication, which has always been one of my favorites. In short, I'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone who would not benefit immensely from Fit Over 40. I learned plenty, and I'm not over 40 myself.

Aesthetically, Fit Over 40 is gorgeous PDF e-book, professionally compiled and edited. It's easy to read and navigate, and there are plenty of inspirational photos as well!

I highly recommended Fit Over 40 to anyone.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


“43-Year-Old Dallas Man Uncovers A Step By StepSystem For Living Fit And Healthy At Any AgeThat Is Literally Reshaping Bodies World-wide!”

The Secret To Really Having A “Body For Life”...

May 26, 2008 (FPRC) -- Fit advocate and former fitness industry insider Jon Benson takes on weight loss products, bogus diets, infomercials hawking cheap home exercise equipment, scary diet drugs, shoddy fitness club practices, and many more prevalent health scams in his new Fit-Over-40-Club: Middle-age and Senior Health, Fitness, and Hormone Restoration!–Squeeze. Enrich Your Life and Improve Your Health without Getting Ripped Off in the Process. It is packed full of insights, recommendations and resources to get you back on the path to a healthy and fit lifestyle — permanently.

"This Former Obese 'Old Guy' Ethically Bribed* 52 Real-World Ageless Living Role Models and Talked Them Into Revealing All Their 'Forever Young' Lifestyle Secrets To Him...And Now He's Sharing These Discoveries With Anyone Over 30!"
* By promising to share their stories with the world!

Now You Can Take his Role Modeling Shortcut And Slash 15-20 Years Off Your Looks Without Surgery, Boost Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle And Lose All The Weight You Want As Fast As ItCan Come Off, And Restore Your Confidence — All Guaranteed!

Fit Over 40 advocate Jon Benson Exposes you to the little secrets of the weight loss, diet, supplement, fitness, health care to mold your body to:

• Show you how to lose weight—safely and permanently—without the use of drugs or fad diets
• Reveal step-by-step how to create a healthy and fit lifestyle
• Save you thousands of dollars on products that don’t work
• Provide hundreds of valuable resources on your path to better living

Endorsed by renowned physicians, fitness experts, investigative journalists, best-selling authors and celebrities including model Cindy Crawford who said, “Valuable information essential for anyone interested in improving their health.”

The Ralph Nader of the health and fitness industry, Jon Benson doesn’t shrink from naming names. Taking on TrimSpa, Bally Total Fitness, Curves and others, Jon Benson recommends the best diet and nutrition plans, home equipment, fitness clubs, guides, and resources as well as details on his own effective regimen for optimal health. Sharing inspirational stories drawn from the lives of his own family members, Jon Benson offers an invaluable tool for anyone who’s ready to take responsibility for improving their health.

About Jon Benson: Jon Benson is uniquely qualified to speak on issues of health and fitness. Starting as a nationally certified personal trainer and rising to the top of his profession, Jon led several high profile fitness organizations as president and as executive vice president of sales and marketing for the world's largest fitness organization. With over a quarter century of experience, he has operated more than 450 health and fitness clubs in 11 countries and has visited over 30 countries while studying health and fitness trends worldwide. He has researched and purchased millions of dollars worth of fitness equipment, dietary supplements and other health and fitness related products. Jon has created numerous professional training programs, based on his simple formula for success, that have positively affected hundreds of thousands of people.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hi Jon,

Just a short update on where I am.
Quick refresher, I am 46 years old, father of three, have suffered from high blood pressure/ hypertension and a high cholesterol count of 320 for years. I have been searching for a program that could help me with my health problem and I have tried many different ones that did not work for me. And them one day I stumbled upon your program. At the time of my bad health, I weighed in at 255 lbs, and I am 6’1” tall, carrying the majority of the weight from the waist up.

After the last visit to see my doctor he told me that I need to change my life style and that I would be on medications for the rest of my life. I would probably be disabled for the rest of my life. I purchased your e-book in January 2008, and started trying to implement your suggestions to improve the quality of my physical life. I am a Christian so I was not and am not worried about my spiritual condition. Reading your personal success story, along with the stories of others helped inspire me to commit to an exercise regimen that is truly changing my life.
I am currently at 195 lbs, 46”-48” chest, 33”-34” waist, 17” neck. I am still working out daily, but am primarily doing cardio. I am up to 2.5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill.
I had my cholesterol measured and it is now down to 195 and my blood pressure is under control a couple of weeks ago with half of the medications I was on.
All thanks to your program!!!

I give all my credit to God, and thank you for having the fortitude to develop your books suggesting diet and fitness programs. I honestly do not think I would have started and continued without encouragement from you and Tom.

Your friend and client,

Ken Lasch, Schenectady NY

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